Monday, January 07, 2008

Maxie's Southern Comfort

With my wife a die hard Southerner, finding a authentic Southern Restaurant is very hard to do around Milwaukee. After hearing a lot about Maxie's, I took my wife there for dinner. She was real excited and expected the authentic cooking.

Maxie's is in a nice area right off the freeway with parking on the street and across the street. Nice decor, with a clean look. It was a Tuesday night and not too crowded so we were seated right away.

Ok, let's start with the good. The Crab Corn Chowder was very good as were the Fried Green Tomatoes. Sweet Potato Fries were also good. The Crabcake was ok, a little small for the price. I had the Chicken Fried Chicken and that was excellent with Mac and Cheese.

Now for my wife, she couldn't decide on what she wanted, so she picked a few things, for an entree, she choose a southern staple, Shrimp and Grits. She was not impressed though it might be due to the Tasso gravy. She also chose Red Beans and Rice and her all time favorite Hoppin' John. She was raised where Hoppin' John was originated. She was really disappointed. Hoppin' John and the Red Beans and rice were basically the same. Hoppin' John is made with black eyed peas over rice. What came out was basically tomato sauce, tomatoes, red beans and Rice, which is a huge no no. The Red Beans and Rice was the same with some veggies in it. To top things off, a true Southern Restaurant serves Sweet Tea. Here they do not.

So unfortunately this place was a disappointment. We will give it another try. But for now, I will have to give it a two out of five. Until next time...

2 out of 5

Maxies Southern Comfort
6732 W Fairview Ave
Milwaukee, WI 53214

Friday, November 03, 2006

The Whistling Swan
4192 Main Street
Fish Creek, WI

On a nice fall day, my wife and I went up to see the Fall colors in Door County, Wisconsin. If you are not familar with Door County, it's a touristy area, with many fine Bed and Breakfasts, Fancy Restaurants, nice little stores plus awesome markets. (You must get some fresh Cherries, or at least some Cherry Pie!!). For dinner we stopped in Fish Creek and saw the place called the Whistling Swan.

It's a very nice setting where you sit on the porch with a great view of Main Street. Very nice service and a nice quaint atmoshphere. Even on a day with a light mist, it was nice to look out and people watch.

For starters I had the Corn Bisque which was excellent. My wife had the crab cake which was excellent as well. For our entrees, she had the Salmon which looked very good while I had the stuffed Pork Chops. The pork chops were stuffed with Carmalized apples. It was also served with a spinach saute and yukon potatoes. Both meals were excellent!

We also had a creme brulee for dessert which capped off a very nice trip in the beautiful Door County! I definitely recommend this fine establishment!

3.5 stars out of 5.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Champps Americana Brookfield
1240 S Moorland Road
Brookfield, WI 53005

Champps is one of my favorite dining places in Brookfield, WI for one main reason. It has TV's everywhere. I'm guessing at least 20 TV's. It's just awesome during the Final Four and of course during Football season!

For food, a must for me and my wife is the Grilled Chicken Nachos. Excellent chicken flavor and loads of cheese. The wings, skins and mozzarella sticks are great as well.

For entree's, if you are low carbing, they have a Grilled Cobb Salad that is loaded full of low carb goodness, especially the chunks of Blue Cheese. I lived on this while low-carbing. Great Blue Cheese and Peppercorn Ranch salad dressings too. They also have a good Potato soup and Chicken Noodle soup too.

The Burgers here are very good served with Waffle Fries or my favorite Seasoned Potato chips. They also have some great wraps if you are trying to eat healthy or not. The Fish fry here is great, to live up to a the Milwaukee Tradition on Fridays. I've had the steaks which were ok as well as the Pasta. The Pizza here is very good, as you can even get Gyro meat on it as well.

For Desserts, the Apple Pie and Cookie Express are tops with the others being good but just a little short of the Apple Pie and Cookie Express. Overall this is the place to go if you want a burger or nachos or maybe both while you are watching the big game. gives Champps Americana 3.75 out of 5 stars.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Habanero's Mexican Kitchen
869 N. Mayfair Rd.
Wauwatosa, Wi

This new restaurant just opened in Wauwatosa. It's an indepentdently owned restaurant that serves traditional mexican food and beverages. It has an outside patio and a full bar. Look on the floor once you go in, it has a hole in the floor covered with glass. In the hole are lighted shelves with liquor on them. A very cool touch. The inside restaurant has a very nice feel, kinda dark and romantic.

The marguaritas come in cool glasses, with both alcoholic and non-alcoholic versions. I also hear they have great coffee, putting cinnamon in it to give it a nice flavor. They have a full bar with wine and importedMexican beer.

You get Chips with the house salsa immediately. The chips were warm and homemade. The Salsa was also homemade and fantastic. The flavor was outstanding. My wife does not eat Salsa at all but she loved this one. It does have a little bite to it. We also ordered the Queso too. True mexican cheese (Asadero, I believe), not the cheddar stuff with peppers that you get at most places, very good almost like my wife's favorite from Hartsville, SC (Rancho Grande). You can read more about that at in the future.

For entrees, they have a wide assortment to choose from. I chose from the combanation platter, of a taco, burrito and quesadilla. All were steak, served with rice and beans. I must say that I favored the quesadilla first. It was crunchy, filled with cheese and a lot of steak. The Taco (hard shell) and burrito were great as well. The burrito did have a sauce on top, which I might in the future ask to be without. My wife ordered Chicken Enchiladas with rice and a unique bowl of beans. It wasn't your typical mexican beans or refried beans but almost soup like with a little kick. She's raving about that even 4 days later.

The service was great, with even the manager checking in to see if everything was good. We were too stuffed for dessert but will try it next time. One more thing about the service. My wife mentioned that a specific dessert wasn't available, the waitress said to tell her the next time she comes in, and she'd have her Mom make it for her. That was amazing!!

Great location on HWY 100 between Wisconsin and Watertown Plank road, good parking and great food.

Habanero's 4.5 out of 5

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Pier 347
Lakefront Bar and Grill
347 Park Ave
(262) 691-9347

Friday night in the Milwaukee area and what does mostly everyone want to eat? Fish Fry of course. My wife and friends made the drive to Pier 347 in Pewaukee, WI. Which is about 20 minutes away from the heart of Milwaukee. With a name like Pier 347, you know it's on the lake! It's on the south shore of Pewaukee Lake with a pier to dock your boat if you are fortunate to have one! They also have a nice outdoor patio as well and a nice salt water fish tank inside.

So, just to get this straight, I really don't eat too much fish, so I'm taking the word of my wife and friends about the review of this fish fry. But first, we did get some Potato skin appetizers which where pretty good, nothing outstanding, but still very nice. My wife did try a Strawberry martini which she said it was very good.

Not caring for fish, I did order off of the "build your burger" menu in which I chose Jalepenos and Pepper Jack cheese. I can't resist a spicy burger! The burger was pretty good, not the best but not even close to the worst, so I'll say it was above average. I ordered fries and also shared some Mac N Cheese which you usually can never go wrong with, and they of course did not. I'm giving my meal an above average rating.

Now for the fish fry. Our dining companions ordered the Fried Perch and they both loved it. They both did wish more coleslaw came with the meal, but never the less they enjoyed it. My wife ordered the beer battered cod with Potato pancakes which did look very good from my eyes. She gave it a big thumbs up! So, the fish fry recieves an excellent rating here.

The server was nice as well, especially on a busy friday night too. The decor as described earlier was nice. If it was warmer I would have loved to enjoyed the outside patio looking out on the lake. So with this being the first review, I am going to the set the bar high, so my over rating on this restaurant is going to be a 3.75 out of 5. I did think it was definetely above average and I will go back.

PIER 347 3.75 out of 5

Friday, September 15, 2006


Welcome to my little Milwaukee Area Restaurant review site. Many of my friends have told me I should have been a restaurant critic. Well I guess I'll take their advice and start a little blog of my dining experiences. I'll probably expand it to just about anywhere I go, so you'll get a good taste of my tastes! No restaurant is too big, too small, too expensive or too cheap! I might even review the dollar menu at McDonalds! Maybe! So post a comment or two or even suggest a restaurant!